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Samos Music and Arts Days

Samos Music and Arts Days


Karlovassi, Samos

July 3 - July 8, 2016


Samos Music and Arts Days is an initiative of University of the Aegean in collaboration with artists from Samos, Greece and all over the world. It’s vision is to promote the artistic creativity and the connection between society and traditional or contemporary forms of art as well as to offer a high standard of cultural activity, thus contributing to the tourism of the island of Samos.

Samos Music and Arts Days takes part between the 3rd and 8th July 2016 in Karlovassi, parallel to the summer schools of University of the Aegean, which attract many new students and professors from Greece and abroad. Thus, members of the academia and science have also the opportunity to attend and actively participate in the cultural activities of the festival. 
This year’s program of Samos Music and Arts Days combines from one side the art of selected professional artists and from the other side the possibility of participation of amateur artists and of the local people of Samos, whether adults or children. The program includes:
  • Classical music concerts. 
  • Digital exhibition of fine arts 
  • Rock Concert given by students of University of the Aegean 
  • Traditional Greek Dance Show by the ensemble of Samos Students 
  • Digital workshops of music and photography using freeware. 
  • Wine Tasting of some of the best Samos wines. 

Samos Music and Arts Days is organised as part of the Summer School of Open and Collaborative governance of the Information Systems Laboratory of University of Aegean, in collaboration with Samos municipality. 

The organisation is based on financial sources and services, which are provided by sponsors as well as volunteer work of members of the university society. 

The attendance and participation in all events of Samos Music and Arts Days is free to everyone.

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